’s DevOps Architecture using Containers and Azure DevOps


Let’s start with defining what containers are, Containers provide a consistent, isolated execution environment for applications. They don’t require a guest operating system. Instead, the application and all its dependencies is packaged into a “container” and then a standard runtime environment is used to execute the app. This allows the container to start up in just a few seconds, because there’s no OS to boot and initialize. You only need the app to launch.

Microsoft Teams Phone System


We have seen a big adoption in Microsoft Teams. With good reason. Here at we use Teams exclusively. Teams gave us the ability to move all communication channels onto one platform. Less programs to…

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom who do you trust?

By Mike Dowdy

With the Coronavirus in full force millions of people have been forced to work remotely. This has caused a title wave of new users for video conferencing applications, one of the most dominate video conferencing applications is Zoom.