Our Data Centers

CARI.net opened our doors in 1997. We provide the greatest value for the money available within any Southern California Data Center business.

Our superior data center design and critical system’s infrastructure allows our customers to rest assured of continual up time. We pride ourselves on being an integral extension of our customers’ operations and can quickly scale with a customized solution to support a business’ changing needs. For our new customers, we help minimize the hassle of changing data centers by offering rapid provisioning, flexible configurations and quick installation making it easy for any company to become a cloud or Dedicated server customer.

We pride ourselves on being an integral extension of our customers


CARI.net has purchased, built, and retrofitted 7 production Data Center facilities in San Diego, California. Now known as the CARI.net Campus, this collection of facilities was purchased in 2006 as a clear statement to our customers that we are long-term players in the Data Center and hosting market. The 2004 purchase of one of the region’s best Carrier Grade data facilities was an initial triumph for the company.


Quite possibly the most important factor to CARI.net’s early success was the decision to invest heavily in personnel. CARI.net’s experienced management team knew that without the proper human aspect, providing quality service and support to their new customer base would be impossible, and all other investments would be in vain.