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🕒 Reading Time: 6 minutes We all might try to pretend that the code we wrote is perfect and will never break, but if there is one constant in Software Development it is that no matter how genius you were when you wrote your code, you are bound to run into bugs. As every developer is all too aware, debugging […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Backups are a critical component of infrastructure that simply cannot be overlooked. As V.P. of Sales here at, I have seen a business disappear overnight because of a catastrophic data loss. Companies spend a large portion of their budget on marketing efforts to get new customers and collect critical data used to determine the […]

🕒 Reading Time: 6 minutes Hey there everybody, my name is AJ, and I’m one of the System Administrators here at I’m going to be writing a few blog posts on how to leverage our Cloud Server infrastructure to bolster your existing website or application that resides in our data center and/or another service provider’s data center. The purpose […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes We are thrilled to announce our latest cloud offering today check out our press release. Built around Microsoft’s Cloud platform. CARIcloud features the best of breed across compute, storage, and networking to provide a cloud service that is unrivaled in terms of performance. Where some cloud providers deal with scale by purchasing white box, unbranded solutions, […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome to the Blog! This post is the first in a series about compromised sites. We believe that information and awareness is the precursor to a successful defense strategy. Happy Reading! My first experience dealing with forward facing asset security was when my friend’s website was compromised in 2009 and heavily defaced. We were […]

🕒 Reading Time: 5 minutes UPDATE See our one year review here. After considering the matter for the past 6 months while continuing to work with Supermicro on the issues, I have decided to release the following to everyone. On 11/7/2013, after reading a couple articles on the problems in IPMI by Rapid7’s HD Moore (linked at the end), I […]

🕒 Reading Time: 4 minutes Setting up a domain controller in a brand new environment is an excellent opportunity to learn Active Directory. customers can use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows Server 2012 R2 to quickly deploy domain controllers on-premises and in’s data centers. The latest version of AD DS features increased flexibility when authorizing […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes First things first IIS 8.5 comes standard with Windows Server 2012 R2. IIS 8.5 has a lot of cool features that were not available in previous versions of IIS. For example the latest version of IIS has a feature called Dynamic Site Activation. Dynamic Site Activation is perfect for companies that have a lot of […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Improved Server Core in 2012  Server Core provides a minimal installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 that supports installing only certain server roles. Here in Microsoft Windows Server 2012, we can easily make a transition between Full Server and Server Core without re-installing the operating system. Greater stability, simplified management, reduced maintenance, reduced memory and disk requirements, […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes asks: Are you ready for IPv6? In 2013, IPv6 use continued to increase meteorically. If this keeps up, more than half of internet users around the world will be IPv6 connected in less than 6 years. This is good news with the anticipated exhaustion of IPv4 addresses on the horizon. As part of this […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes To the new Linux administrator, permissions can be a particularly sticky topic. While documented in various places, I thought it might be best to give a brief overview from the perspective of new users.

🕒 Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello! It has been a lot longer than I had planned but we have so much going on it’s been hard to find the time to write! I would like to deviate from my discussion on “Best Practices” to discuss recent events dealing with Plesk and Fedora, and how it gave birth to our newest […]