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🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes   According to the New Oxford Dictionary, security is defined as “The state of being free from danger or threat”. I’m not quite sure I agree. There are three separate concepts that are a part of the blanket term of “security”. There is risk, threat and vulnerability. They are separate concepts, but are co-dependent. Say […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes The release of Windows Server 2012 offers many new features and improvements that will make it a compelling product for large organizations. However, many small businesses might struggle to justify spending the money to upgrade all of their computers to run the latest operating system. One option that might make more sense to these small […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that it is several months since the launch of Windows 2012, IT professionals are starting to come to terms with all of the new features that this great new operating system has to offer. Many of these features are refinements of existing technologies, offering extra functionality and improved performance over systems running Windows 2008. […]

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes While the Domain Name System (DNS) is generally familiar to most web users as the source of human readable network addresses, the actual configuration of DNS records may feel more esoteric.

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute We are constantly building and provisioning new servers here at Unless you order a custom server, your server is pre-built and ready for use when you buy it. The longest amount of time you will have to wait for a new pre-built dedicated server to be accessible is 30 minutes or less. The timer […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the common problems with sophisticated clusters used for virtual machine deployment is fencing. Proper fencing ensures high availability and preserves data integrity. Read on to see how is implementing fencing for virtual machine clusters and to see out power fencing agent.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes The True Cost of Colocation by Mike Dowdy V.P of Sales For years both large and small corporations have been migrating their in-house servers to data centers that specialize in colocation services. Colocation facilities provide the space, power, cooling and security the servers require. The challenge for most companies is that they have to […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Once you have decided that you need a dedicated server there are a number of decisions to make. If you are not familiar with the landscape of the dedicated hosting industry, you may not even know where to start. Continue reading for an overview of the steps to consider to get your Internet business started.

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Today I want to announce some exciting news at We have rolled out our new Monitoring services using Nimsoft to provide ping and remote access monitoring for free. Existing customers can add this service to any dedicated server through the panel on the server edit page. All new servers on our network will be […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes We get many questions about SSL, including what it is, how to implement it, and, of course, why it breaks. If you want to learn a little bit more about SSL and how it works, read on below.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I would like to share a brief introduction to Linux system administration. I was hesitant to approach this topic. There are so many places for people to say “But Erik! You forgot to mention how we XYZ!”. I might be the harshest critic, and I risked letting this post balloon into an expansive overview […]

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Paying too much for dedicated servers? Check out, because it is always gratifying to get better performance at a lower price. The Crew works hard to bring you the most competative pricing in the industry. invites you to take a look at your server price and compare it to what we offer. […]