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CARIcloud Cloud Servers

Blazing speeds that crush the competition

How Does CARIcloud Stack Up Against AWS?

Instant Provisioning.
VMs online within minutes.
Included Included
Network Load Balancing Ready.
Reduce traffic load with added security.
Included Included
SSD Storage Included Included
Dedicated RAM Included Included
Private Networking.
VMs on public and private IP space.
Included Included
Live phone support within minutes. Available 24x7.
Included + $100.00
Unmetered Bandwidth Included + $4,000.00
Additional IPv4 Address 8 (Per VM) 5 (Per Account)
Simple Interface.
Only the features you need.
Simple Billing.
No calculator needed.

Here's a quick comparison:

Linux Windows Type RAM CPU Disk Space Disk Type
$115.00 $115.00 CARIcloud 8 GB 2 (vCPU) 100 GB SSD
Amazon $124.73 $216.96 m3.large basic 7.5 GB 2 (vCPU) 100 GB SSD
  • Cloud Made Easy

    Unlike AWS you won't need a calculator to understand your billing. CARIcloud takes the mystery out of cloud hosting by offering easy to understand fixed monthly billing and flash storage that blazes past the competition. All of this technology comes with an easy to understand interface.

  • Adapts Automatically

    Your code is not an instance, it’s your livelihood. CARIcloud is the only cloud service that automatically adapts to the ever changing communication between applications and infrastructure.

  • Microsoft System Center

    Don’t get locked into Amazon’s AMI format. CARIcloud is built on Microsoft’s System Center, right in our own data centers. CARIcloud uses Microsoft's Hyper-V standard that lets you move workloads from on-premises to CARIcloud and back to on-premises. This provides you with the ultimate in flexibility in creating your own roadmap to the cloud based on your unique business needs and existing technology investments.

  • All Flash Storage No Additional Charge for Fast Storage

    Say goodbye to slow databases. Only CARIcloud offers Pure Storage’s all flash architecture. When database transactions are slow, disk I/O is almost always the reason. With CARIcloud your database will live in an all flash architecture with speeds that blow the pants off disk storage. Improve your customer’s experience immediately by moving from old school storage and into CARIcloud.

  • No charge for WindowsOS Agnostic

    AWS charges extra for Windows CARIcloud does not charge extra for Windows. CARIcloud lets you pick the right operating system for the right task. With CARIcloud you have the freedom to run both Linux and Windows cloud servers. Run a Linux cloud with a LAMP stack to host your website and a Windows cloud to run your Windows applications. CARIcloud gives you the freedom to do this.

  • Scale with Confidence

    Enjoy the scalability and cost effectiveness of the cloud and still be compliant. CARIcloud is hosted in SSAE 16 and SOC compliant data center. Competitive pricing and management controls help you control costs. All you have to do is set the amount of RAM, CPU and storage, then scale when you're ready with a simple reboot.

Cloud Servers - Pricing 2018 Q3

We offer 3 plans:
1. Standard (33% usage of cores) - For small websites on Linux
2. High Performance (66% usage of cores) - Standard demand for web apps and websites on Linux
3. Premium (100% usage of cores) - High demand databases, web apps or websites on Windows

33% usage of cores
High Performance
66% usage of cores
100% usage of cores
Cores $5.00 / core
Min: 1 / Max: 32
Req. RAM per Core: 2
$10.00 / core
Min: 1 / Max: 32
Req. RAM per Core: 3
$20.00 / core
Min: 1 / Max: 32
Req. RAM per Core: 4
RAM $5.00 / GB
Min: 2 / Max: 128
$5.00 / GB
Min: 3 / Max: 128
$5.00 / GB
Min: 4 / Max: 256
Primary Storage (SSD) $0.20 / GB
Min: 25 / Max: 1500
Included (FREE): 25 GB
$0.20 / GB
Min: 25 / Max: 1500
Included (FREE): 25 GB
$0.20 / GB
Min: 25 / Max: 2000
Included (FREE): 25 GB
Additional Storage (SSD) $0.20 / GB
Min: 5 / Max: 1500
$0.20 / GB
Min: 5 / Max: 1500
$0.20 / GB
Min: 25 / Max: 2000